Utilities Clerk: 

Shawna Bush

Phone: (417) 634-3992 option 1

Email: [email protected]

Please call, email or use the Contact Us button & select Utilities Department for any questions or concerns!


Here you will find valuable information relating to your Water Bills and City Water.
The City water bills will contain your water usage & sewer charges.  All other utilities are not provided by the City of Sparta.

Trash services are provided by GFL. Please contact the Utilities Clerk if your trash is missed on Trash Day (Wednesdays, excluding holiday schedules).


Please stop by in office to sign up or cancel your Water & Sewer account with the City of Sparta. New accounts require a $125.00 cash, check or money order deposit for the account. Billing does not occur the first 30 days you are in your residence (so it may be  a month and a half before your first bill).


  • Water bills are sent out the last business day of each month.
  • Bills are due the 15th of each month.
  • Late fees are assessed the 16th of each month.
  • Shut-off List is generated on the 25th of each month.
  • Bills are generated for the  15th to the 15th each month.
    Example: January 15-February 15 water usage is sent out at the end of  February and is due March 15th.

If you have any problems with your bill, please call or stop in to see us! We would be happy to help you and take a look at your account.

The Utilities Department is still in the first phase of our AutoRead water meters. Approximately 370 of our city’s water meters are converted to the automatic meters. As with all new systems, there are sometimes glitches that come up or discrepancies in the billing. We unfortunately are not able to catch all of these up front and without your help, but if you notice something unusual with your bill, please bring it to us so we can take a look.

If you are struggling to make payments on your account, please come in to talk to us at City Hall. We may be able to help make payment arrangements or set up a payment plan that work better for you to help you out.

Shut-off fees are $40.00 per incident.

GFL Information (new trash service) 

GFL Holiday Schedule 

Consumer Confidence Reports:

The Consumer Confidence Reports are also available in paper form at City Hall.